Seaside Montessori Preschool
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Gdańsk Jelitkowo, ul. Pomorska 48
Opened :7:30 - 17:00
+48 508 508 342

A place created with passion and love for children

In our kindergarten there is a RECEPTION

The values that differentiate us:

Our mission

Seaside Montessori Preschool is a special place where we focus on children’s needs and development, including emotional development, with respect and trust. We are a friendly place where a little person evolves at his own pace, in an atmosphere of peace and love.  We operate according to the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. In our kindergarten, we follow the needs of children, respect their individuality and accompany them in their quest for independence. We encourage cooperation and the development of their individuality in mixed-age groups. We create an environment that supports children’s development during this significant and sensitive period. We encourage their curiosity and creativity. We are also inspired by the values of intimate parenting and focus on respectful communication. We believe in the gradual and friendly adaptation of the child in the kindergarten, in close cooperation with the caretakers. We gently introduce the child to the rhythm of preschool life in harmony with the child’s needs. At our kindergarten, we help children grow into happy, high self-esteem and curious people who remain themselves and are prepared for life.

Professional personnel

Our teachers are experienced personnel with the required qualifications, working according to the principles of Maria Montessori’s pedagogy. They respectfully assist the children daily, creating an environment in the spirit of Montessori. They diligently care for the safety and development of the children, closely observing and following their needs. Our teachers give all children love and believe in their abilities. They are guided first and foremost by the well-being of the children. They strive to teach by a good example. They also take care of their development, regularly taking part in the necessary training. Daily in our kindergartens, we communicate respectfully, using nonviolent communication (NVC). Our staff is also prepared to provide first aid if needed.

English language​

The preschool period is a time when children intensively absorb information from their surroundings – including those related to speech and language learning. That’s why we use the principle of language immersion in our kindergarten. In this way, the youngest children learn a second language naturally. Learning English through language immersion makes the children at the first stage listen to the language. They listen to statements about everyday activities, songs, and stories to speak spontaneously and independently in English over time – imitating the teacher. In each group, an English-speaking teacher (in addition to the Polish teacher) communicates with children exclusively in English. We also work in English with Montessori material, read literature and listen to music. Thanks to this method, the child is in a bilingual environment close to the natural one, and the learning of English proceeds on its own.

Healthy nutrition​

We focus on healthy eating, so we carefully plan the preschool menu. We select ingredients according to the seasonal availability of products, from which we prepare tasty and nutritious meals. We use fresh vegetables and fruits in the season. We follow the principle of limiting sugar, salt and wheat flour products. We have friendly and organic suppliers. From an early age, we teach children healthy eating habits, including preparing meals together. We organize culinary workshops, during which children experience culinary diversity independently.

Close to nature

We are located in a beautiful district of Gdańsk, full of greenery, not far from the sea and two parks. Daily time spent outdoors is significant to us. According to Montessori pedagogy, it is essential to enable children to have contact with nature, so we regularly visit the nearby beach, parks and organize outdoor excursions. We believe that there is no bad weather, so we try to be outside every day, thus supporting children’s harmonious and natural development.

Montessori philosophy​

In our kindergarten, groups are differentiated by age. It is similar to the relationships and dependencies that occur in a family. Older children learn to take care of the younger ones, while the younger ones model themselves on the older ones. They learn to help each other without selfish competition. Teachers follow the children, trying to inspire them and show them opportunities to work with the material while being companions and mentors. They focus on the child and awaken intrinsic motivation. In our kindergarten, teachers respect the individual development of each child, who follows its own educational pace. Our goal is for children to be responsible for themselves, others and the environment. We are also distinguished by modern and spacious classrooms, equipped with professional Montessori aids, which develop the child’s comprehensive skills and perfectly prepare for school education.

Our personnel:

Aleksandra Krassowska

Director, English Teacher

Maja Kosobudzka

Preschool and early childhood teacher, Montessori teacher

Ramona Kozak

Preschool and early childhood teacher

Izabela Prosowska

Pedagogue, Montessori teacher

Aldona Małaczek

Teacher Assistant, Kitchen Assistant

Hi Parent, if you are reading this review you are probably facing one of the most important questions in your and your child’s life and I wanted to assure you that yes, this is the kindergarten you are looking for.The ladies are fantastic. They have so much warmth, understanding and empathy that it makes me warm myself when putting Zuzka down. 100% respect for the young person, NVC communication, setting clear boundaries, consistency. We ask how to do it better at home.Kids can play when they want and with what they want, but the activities are run in such a way that they prefer to participate. Well that’s the point at this age to make these explorers curious. In addition, there are dances, rhythmics, sports activities, meetings with Mr. Experiment or a guide dog. And at the same time there is peace and ease. I didn’t know it was possible 🙂

Before you make a final decision you can come several times, see how it is.

We highly recommend it!


Michał Narskiewicz


Maria Montesorri (1870-1952)

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) – Italian doctor. The world’s first woman to create laws for children. She specialized in psychiatry. Early in her career, she worked with children with intellectual disabilities. She experimented by offering children educational materials that allowed them to explore their environment through their senses – with highly positive results. In 1907, she used her knowledge and experience by opening the Casa dei Bambini (Children’s Homes) for children hailing from one of Rome’s poorest neighborhoods, San Lorenzo. At the Casa dei Bambini, children acquired respect for their environment, confidence in themselves, and skills of independence and responsibility. Maria Montessori observed that young children were fascinated with letters and numbers at a very early age. They also exhibited deep concentration. Montessori continued to observe children, improved her educational materials, and shaped a method of education that soon extended to older children in many countries. Maria Montessori spread her approach to child development by traveling worldwide: from Italy to Argentina, Spain to England, and the Netherlands to India. She defended the rights of children. She was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. To this day, children of all ages and all over the world are being educated along the lines of Montessori pedagogy to grow into capable, creative and sensitive adults.

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.  For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.  But not only his intelligence; the full totality of his psychic powers…”


Maria Montessori

“No one can be free unless he is independent. Therefore, the first active manifestations of the child’s individual liberty must be so guided that through this activity he may arrive at independence.”


Maria Montessori

“Social grace, inner discipline and joy. These are the birthright of the human being who has been allowed to develop essential human qualities.”


Maria Montessori